Since 2012, we’ve been here to give back to the Armed Forces community who work tirelessly to serve our nation both at home and abroad.

Our aim is to support the continuous wellbeing of those who go above and beyond to keep us safe, ensuring that we continue to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those who serve and have served our country.

For these reasons and more, that’s why 15% of all revenue made by Defence Discount Service is given back to the Ministry of Defence to be distributed to a variety of charitable causes that serve to help the Armed Forces community.

Our commitment

As the official MoD discount service for the UK’s Armed Forces, veterans and Armed Forces community, we’re committed to supporting the wellbeing of all military personnel and their families.

In 2022, we donated £275,000 to The Army Central Fund, RAF Central Fund, the Permanent Joint Headquarters Operations Welfare Fund and The Royal Navy.

These funds supporting a range of projects, including providing mobile workout stations to deployed RAF personnel,supporting physical activity, and addressing social isolation with children and young people.

“We continue to be extremely grateful to Defence Discount Service and its members for the generous donations we have received over recent years. This financial backing enables us to fund dedicated, practical and immediate support for the Army community and help to change individual lives for the better.”
The Army Central Fund secretary, LT Col Julian Panton.
“Thanks to the invaluable donation from Defence Discount Service and our partnerships with health and fitness providers, the RAF Central Fund is able to provide more opportunities for serving personnel to access sports and physical activities. With the help of the fund, thousands of personnel have trained and participated in hundreds of sports and physical activities at all levels, improving their mental health and wellbeing.”
Royal Air Force Central Fund Operations Manager, Karen Hansford.

We are honoured to support all of these projects and look forward to seeing the positive impact of these initiatives on the wellbeing of military personnel.

Defence Discount Service Charity