National Express Defence Discount

Proud to support our Armed Forces Community

National Express are proud to be working with Defence Discount Service – the official Ministry of Defence Discount Service for the Armed Forces and Veterans across the UK. National Express are continuing with their offer of 60% off travel for serving personnel across the UK but in addition to this are offering 30% off travel to other members of Defence Discount Service including Armed Forces spouses/partners and Veterans.

In order to access these fantastic offers you will need to sign up for free to Defence Discount Service and then follow the steps for the National Express offer once logged in.

How does it work?

Members of the Armed Forces need to register for free on Defence Discount Service and can then access the National Express offer. You can book your travel with a 60% discount and will need to present your MOD90 or Defence Privilege Card when boarding your coach.

Veterans, spouses/partners of Serving Personnel and other members of Defence Discount Service that are not serving Armed Forces Personnel can access a new fantastic discount of 30% off your travel with National Express. To access this great offer you will need to register to the Defence Discount Service and purchase a Defence Privilege Card (£4.99 for a 5 year membership). You can then access the National Express offer, book your travel with a 30% discount and will need to present your Defence Privilege Card when boarding your coach.

What is the Defence Privilege Card

The Defence Privilege Card is the discount card for the official MoD discount service the Defence Discount Service. When applying for a Defence Privilege Card you will be asked to provide a copy of service specific ID such as discharge papers or a copy of your partners MOD90. This process has been put in place to make sure that all members issued with a Defence Privilege Card are part of the Armed Forces Community and therefore qualify for the service.

How do I register?

Click the register now button below and fill out the information. Once you have filled that out you will receive a verification email in which you will need to click the link to confirm your email address. You will then be verified by our staff and can access the website.

Already a member?

If you are already a member of Defence Discount Service then you can log in as normal and then click on the National Express offer.

National Express Armed Forces discount offer

Armed Forces 60% Discount

Armed Forces Personnel receive a 60% discount.

National Express Veterans discount offer

Veterans 30% Discount

Other DDS members, including Veterans receive a 30% discount.

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