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Defence Privilege Card

In order to apply for a Defence Privilege Card please sign up to the website here if you have not already. When you login to the website you will see a button on the navigation bar called 'Privilege Card'. Click on this button and you will then be guided through the stages

The ID stage is the second stage of the application process and with this being the Official service for the Ministry of Defence it is a stage we are asked by the MOD to complete in order to verify an affiliation and therefore ensure only those eligible receive a card. All members must provide their own ID, Defence Discount Service is not responsible for proving your eligibility for the service.

Please contact the Veterans Agency on 0808 1914 218 and they will point you in the direction of reapplying for records or visit and you will be able to re-apply online.

Unfortunately the MoD have only opened the service to spouse/partners of currently serving personnel and this has not been extended to family/friends at this time, they will therefore not be eligible for their own account or card.

This will be sent to the address you provided when applying, we do not take addresses off ID and will only use the address you have entered at the address stage.

Please allow 14 days from date of dispatch for your card to arrive with you.

This may be due to several reasons, you may not have completed the application for the card which is an optional extra to the service. Please log in and click on my account, and select Defence Privilege Card from the left-hand list, to see the status of your application.

Please ensure you have completed the ID section by uploading/posting a copy of your service ID to us. Please log in and click on my account, and select Defence Privilege Card from the left-hand list, to see the status of your application.

Please allow 14 days from date of dispatch for your card to arrive with you. If this has not arrived with you within 14 days of dispatch please log in and click on My account and select Defence Privilege Card from the left-hand list to request for this to be reprinted and dispatched again. We allow members 3 months to notify us of non-arrival of cards, if we are notified of a non-arrival after 3 months this will be marked as lost and you will need to re-apply for a new card.

If your card has been lost/stolen please log in and click on my account, select Defence Privilege Card from the left-hand menu and you will be able to report this as lost/stolen and re-apply for a new card. Please note you will be required to pay the £4.99 again as this covers the cost of the printing/postage and re-starts your 5 year membership period.

If you are using a work computer the firewalls may be blocking the payment stage, please feel free to retry from a personal device. We also provide an alternative payment option through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to use this). If you continue to have problems please contact us.


All offers will explain how they are redeemed when you click through to view the offer. Offers are also categorised by offer type (online offer, gift card offer, High Street offer),

Please log in to the website to check that the company is listed as offering a discount, all companies that accept the card can be found under the high street offers section.

Unfortunately due to the volume of offers this is not provided as an option, we also have offers that are short term offers and we are regularly adding offers to the website and therefore printed lists will become outdated very quickly. We do have a mobile App that is free to download and this will allow you to view offers whilst you are out. This can be found in the Google play store and Apple App store under Defence Discount Service.

All offers will show an expiry date, the company will review their offer and it is then down to the company as to whether they can extend this. Please note companies reserve the right to withdraw/amend their offer at any time.

All offers will have a how to redeem section and terms and conditions. Should an offer not work it is up to the member to contact Defence Discount Service to notify and report this. If you continue with your purchase without the discount you have authorised the transaction with no discount and this will then be down to the company’s discretion as whether they provide a refund for the discount amount. Please submit a support ticket via our website or mobile app.

All your requested codes can be found under Vault Codes in the My Account area. Please do not keep requesting codes as each company has a cap on the number of codes you can request. Once this cap has been hit you will not be able to request codes on your account.


To change your email address please log in and click on the my account area, you will be able to update your email address here. DDS request members do not make multiple accounts as per our terms and conditions, any multiple account created will not be activated by staff.

Please submit a support ticket via our website or mobile app and will be able to assist you further with this.

This will show up when you have already registered for an account using that email address. Please log in by entering your email address and password and then use the blue login member button, do not use the red register now button.

There can only be one account per email address, if you share an email address only one will be able to register with this, you will then either need to sign up via the post as an offline member or sign up with an alternative email address.

Please use the forgotten password link to request a new password and we will send it out to your registered email address.

Sometimes you won't be able to access the website instantly once you have clicked your verification link in your email. This is due to staff at the Defence Discount Service having to approve your account. We try and do this as quickly as possible but if you think it has been too long please feel free to contact us and we will look into this for you. This will be done between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00 hours Monday to Friday.

The MoD determine the eligibility criteria for the website and to qualify you must be one of the following;

  • Serving Armed Forces (Regular and Reservist) - Any member that is currently serving within HM Armed Forces
  • HM Armed Forces Veteran - Any member that has served in HM Armed Forces for 24 hours or more
  • MoD Civil Servant - Any member that is currently in direct employment with the MOD as a MoD Civil Servant. Unfortunately Contractors for the MoD and those who have retired do not currently qualify for the service.
  • Spouse/Partner Serving Personnel - Any member whose Spouse/Partner is currently part of the Serving Armed Forces. Spouse/Partners of Veterans unfortunately do not qualify for the service at this time.
  • Cadet Forces - Any member who is currently part of the cadet forces and is ages 16 or over .Including adult instructors and those that volunteer
  • Bereaved Family Member - An immediate family member (Mother, Father, Sibling, Partner) of serving personnel who has died during or as a result of service
  • War/Service Widow(er) - The Widow(er) of an individual who has died during or as a result of service.
  • NATO Personnel - Any member of the NATO forces currently serving in the UK. Those who are no longer serving for NATO within the UK will unfortunately not qualify.

This means there will be a space somewhere within the email address you are entering, this message can only be shown when a space is included. When registering/logging in please do not allow your computer to autofill and do not use copy and paste.

Please check the status of your support request via our website or mobile app account area. Some emails are sent from a no reply email address and emails returned to this will not be received.


Please log in and click on the search by company or phrase box, this can be found to the top right hand side of the homepage.

Defence Discount Service consists of two parts: our free online service which provides access to online discounts through the use of vouchers codes etc and the Defence Privilege Card (our High Street Discount Card), which is an optional extra to the service and is priced at £4.99 for a five-year membership.

Please contact us via the support area in the My Account section and let us know which company offer is not working.  The team will test the system and get the website working again for you and get back in touch with you when it has been resolved.

Please can you pass their details to us via the Help Centre and we will get in touch with them to see if they can get involved. Alternatively if you can please pass them our website address and ask them to get in touch via the Help Centre or to sign up via the Offer a discount section of the website.

Please get in touch with the team via the support area in the My Account section or our social networks and our team will contact the company to see if they can get involved. We value our member feedback and look to try to use feedback to grow the service. Every request made is passed onto the requested company. If the company can offer a discount this will be added to the website and mobile app. Due to the volume of these requests that are received we are unable to reply to all members regarding their requests.

Yes we do, please get in touch with us via the Help Centre and we can provide you with what you require from online banners to posters and booklets.

Contact Us

Due to the impact of Covid-19, it has been necessary for us to introduce some changes to our operations which may result in a delay when processing new applications and responding to customer enquiries. Please be sure that our teams are working hard behind the scenes to assist all current and prospective members and if you have made an application/enquiry, we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

Already a member? Login to raise a support ticket. You can report your card lost or not arrived instantly in your My Card section once logged in.

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