Privacy Policy

The Defence Discount Service, operated by Blue Light Card Ltd, work hard on making sure that privacy is maintained.

All data collected by the Defence Discount Service is for the sole use of the Defence Discount Service. Data is not shared with any third parties. The information is collected so that the best service can be provided to its members and in order to increase the security of the site and that members using the service properly qualify to use the service.

The Defence Discount Service has an approach of only asking for information that is required and no other information. The Defence Discount Service asks for the following information for the following uses:

- Name – to identify you
- Email Address – to send you verification information, any policy updates, e-shots if you are opted in and to form your username
- Membership type – to provide you with appropriate offers, to identify which users are using the service and to send the appropriate Membership Card if applied for
- Service number – to qualify you for the service and identify you
- Address – only taken when applying for a Membership Card and deleted once used – used to send Membership Card to you
- ID - only taken when applying for a Membership Card and deleted once you have been verified – used to qualify you for the Membership Card
- The Defence Discount Service will also take your IP address when you sign up for the service. This is used to identify IP trends in order to identify security breaches.

All staff processing information will have a minimum security clearance of a Baseline Personnel Security Standard check and all staff processing addresses and ID will have minimum security clearance of a Counter Terrorism Check. All staff have completed Data Protection training and are aware of the requirements of the DPA 1998.

We do not make any personally identifiable information available to other companies or individuals for their contact purposes. We do collate information to demonstrate overall trends and preferences of the member base with advertisers and other third parties for marketing, promotional and other purposes. We do not disclose to these entities any information that would be used to contact you personally.

The Defence Discount Service does use cookies to track member sales on the website as well as visits to the website. We do not pass personally identifiable information to third party companies using these cookies, we only may pass your membership number (which has no reference to your personal information) in order to track your sales for cashback and offer purposes. The Defence Discount Service has a full Cookie Policy which can be found from the link on the homepage. Please see this for the full list of cookies, their uses and what this means for you.

Users automatically opt-in to receive our electronic newsletters. Users may remove themselves by changing their settings in the My Account section or by contacting .

A certain level of personal information is required when registering with our site and opting not to provide this information will mean that you may not be able to use our website. The information is required in order to make sure that you qualify to use the service and to maintain the security of the website.

As a registered member you can update your information details in the My Account section. Members can change their information at any time and as often as necessary. You will need to contact the Defence Discount Service if you wish to update your email address.

Questions regarding this privacy statement should be emailed to contact @ or sent by mail to our address at:

Defence Discount Service
Operated by Blue Light Card Ltd
PO BOX 10180
LE11 9HN