Make a change this year>

Make a change this year

New year, new you 

As we pack away the decorations and recover from all the festive food, the new year offers us all the chance at a fresh start in making healthier choices.  

We pride ourselves on stepping up for our members so are here to help you save money on everything from healthy eating and exercise plans to activewear, wearables and even relaxing ways to recover after a long day. See how we can help you get back into healthier habits, take your training to the next level or even start something new. 

Feed your family for less 

When you’re out and about all the time, it can be hard to keep track when attempting to eat more healthily. Skip the snack cupboard, hide the fast-food menus and save on stress when meal planning with our top offers! 

Get fresh and healthy ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe cards delivered straight to your door with 50% off at HelloFresh plus 10% off every box for 6 months or get 40% off all Gousto boxes in your first month

Already have your favourite recipes set and just need a helping hand saving on the meatier parts of mealtime? Why not claim an extra hamper for just £1 when you order Musclefood’s Simply the Best hamper! Costing just £39 for our members, each hamper includes award-winning chicken, lean diced beef, steak mince and extra lean sausages! Delicious!   

Save on supplements 

When you’re always on the go, meet all your body’s needs can be a challenge. Whether it’s a little extra protein in your diet or topping up any missing vitamins and minerals, dietary supplements can help bridge the gap when you need a helping hand. 

Save up to 70% plus an extra 13% off at MyProtein until 7th January then get 50% off sitewide

Save 12% on Informed-Sport registered supplements with Trusted Pro Supplements   

Get 15% off supplement packages free of any WADA or banned substances with Military Muscle Supplements  

Get hydrated 

Did you know that a significant number of us may not be drinking enough water each day? According to the NHS’ Eatwell Guide, we should be aiming for between six and eight glasses a day but that can be hard to achieve consistently so – if you’re struggling – why not save 25% on the UK’s first zero sugar, enhanced hydration powder with ViDrate? 

While some of us may be focusing on dieting and eating more healthily, there are many ways to improve your health beyond just your physical fitness. Stay tuned over the course of this month for our ultimate top tips and offers to help you enhance all aspects of your physical and mental wellbeing.