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Find the right fit

A great exercise experience starts with wearing the right shoe.

Whatever your goals and whatever the weather, it’s important to tailor your kit to fit your needs. Shop and save with fantastic discounts on footwear and start your next fitness adventure off on the right foot with Defence Discount Service.

Trainers come in many shapes and sizes to suit the range of purposes they are worn for. However, there are three main ‘types’ we can look for, namely: Cross-training shoes (used for cardio-based workouts, HIIT training, and weightlifting), Road-running shoes (best used for long-distance running on flat or paved surfaces like pavements or treadmills), and Trail-running shoes (for people who want to get off the beaten track and enjoy nature by running on dirt paths and outdoor trails).

So, whether you’re heading to your local park, prepping for a long-distance event, or just need shoes to support your next trip to the gym; when shopping for shoes to work out in, there are a few key things you should look out for to ensure the best fit for you.

Heel – It’s said that a better fit can mean a better performance so your heels should feel snug but not tight. If your shoes aren’t tied, you should be able to slide your foot out without difficulty.

Flex – The sole of your shoes should be able to move and flex the way you do. Check this by holding the heel of your trainer and pressing the tip into the floor. The toe needs to be flexible but firm enough that it doesn’t bend in half with mild pressure.

Length – As you run, your feet will swell so make sure that there’s a 1-2cm gap between your longest toes and the end of your shoe. Another good way to test the fit is to try on trainers at the end of the day or see if you can take them for a test run.

Instep – The top of your shoe should be snug and secure. If you have specific areas that hurt or feel tight, why not try lacing them up in a different way.

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Gait – Comfort is key, as well as support, and the way we run can be influenced by a variety of factors so it can be beneficial to consider ‘How’ you run when choosing a shoe that suits you best.

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Width – Your feet should have space to move side to side at the front of your trainer without feeling like you’re sliding about in them.

Feel – While it’s easy to pick shoes based on specific mechanics, only you will know whether a shoe is the right fit for your needs. That’s why it’s so important to consider what you want to achieve and try on trainers targeted for that purpose that both look and – perhaps more importantly - feel good.

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