The best skincare tips for shift workers>

The best skincare tips for shift workers

No one wants to shell out tonnes on skincare…

Whether you’re out and about or working from a desk, the pressures of work and home responsibilities can play havoc on our skin. We want to make your life (and shopping) a little easier with top offers on skincare essentials.

With new ranges constantly hitting the shelves and the endless advice being shared in magazines and on social media, it can be tough to figure out what skincare products are right for you and your lifestyle.

The basics may be obvious – wash your face, drink more water, and get enough sleep, but – to get your skin looking and feeling its best, you need to keep a couple of great skincare tips in mind!


The first step in any routine is to use a gentle face wash to rid your face of all the gunk and grime that may have accumulated. You should also exfoliate a few times a week to get rid of any dead skin but avoid any harsh chemicals in products you intend to use daily.

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Moisturise day and night

Layering products all at once can risk causing blocked pores, but it’s important to lock in moisture and protect your skin. During the day, it’s good practice to use a lighter formula after your shower while in the evening you’ll want to use a thicker night cream that helps regenerate and repair your skin.

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Wear sun cream whatever the weather

While we might only expect to need to protect our skin on sunny days, it’s the daily exposure to UV rays that causes skin damage and contributes to aging. Protecting your skin in advance is much better than treating the after-effects, so be sure to invest in a good suncream of SPF30 or more and regularly reapply a dab or two throughout the day.

Mans the word

Now, not all men want a complex skincare routine that leaves them smelling faintly floral. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t want naturally healthy-looking skin.

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