Uniform hacks to stay looking sharp >

Uniform hacks to stay looking sharp

Uniformity is key in the armed forces and while training taught everyone the basics (and the endless need for spray starch!), we know that attention to detail isn’t something everyone picks up straight away.  

No matter how long you’re in the forces or how long ago you may have left of active service, the knack for getting your uniform right never seems to leave you. 

So, as kids of all ages get set to head back to school in September, we’re asking you to tell us your top tips and tricks – without cutting corners – for uniforms that pass inspection. 

Email us at [email protected] with the subject line “Uniform tips” 

In the meantime, we asked some of our team for their top recommendations on keeping their uniforms sharp and their parade boots shiny. 

Financial Controller and ex-reservist in the Royal Artillery, Katherine Parsons, still sprays creases with starch water before ironing and – on occasion – still uses a pillowcase to avoid burn marks or colour changes that might occur.  

“Never skip the details’, said Senior Software Developer and Lieutenant in the Army Cadets, Tom Abbott.  

“It’s far easier to get in the habit of doing a job properly and sticking to a routine than coming in at the last minute trying to make up for all the bits you missed – plus, you’ll always miss something that way. Good practice is good practice.” 

The armed forces’ appearance policies for service personnel were also updated last year to reflect the diversity of those serving and relaxing hair requirements to offer new options for those in uniform, including ponytails or plaits, braids, twists, cornrows or locks, extensions, weaves and wigs (so long as they’re neutral). 

“Use structured hairnets that blend in with your natural hair for buns”, says Kate, “and be sure to gel the fly-aways around your ears and the nape of your neck with a non-wet look gel and brush it through to ensure – whatever style you choose – your beret doesn’t mess it up and you stay looking sharp.” 

What are your top tips? Let us know by emailing: [email protected] with the subject line “Uniform tips”