Shove a sausage in it! >

Shove a sausage in it!

Alright lads! Summer’s well on the way and things are hotting up so you know what that means… 

Whatever the weather (because you know as well as we do, sod’s law means as soon as you make solid plans, it’ll rain), we Brits do love a BBQ so why not crack out the charcoal or fire up the gas (if you’re feeling fancy!) and say hello to the (slightly charred) taste of summer.

Take the stress out of planning, bring your loved ones together and save money on enjoying time with your nearest and dearest this summer! Plus, with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee right around the corner, it’s high time to stock up on extra seats and nibbly bits!  

Feeling hungry? 

Steak, sausages or chicken; whatever you and yours are throwing on the barbie this summer, why would you ever want to pay more than you need to – especially with the cost of meat being what it is! 

While Muscle Food may be known for their work in helping athletes reach their ambitions, their meat hampers are certainly not something to shake a stick at. Order their exclusive Defence Discount Service Hamper (including award-winning chicken, lean diced beef, lean steak mince, extra-lean sausages and more!) for just £39 and claim an Extra Hamper for just £1! 

Alternatively, if you like to buy in bulk but want to go beyond the main attraction of any mealtime, why not save on a 12-month Costco membership and receive £20 in shopping vouchers. Shop and save on everything from automotive supplies and appliances to furniture, food and even fuel; so, no matter what you need, there’s no need to stretch your wallet. 

Say Cheers! 

Skip the stress of braving the crowds and trawling through supermarket shelves! Whether its gin, rum or a cheeky alcohol-free alternative, enjoy the clinking of glasses and the tinkling of ice cubes for less with Defence Discount Service. 

Save 15% on Craft Gin Club subscriptions 

Claim 12 bottles of wine (and free delivery) from Virgin Wines for just £59.88! That’s just £4.99 per bottle! 

Not a drinker? Designated driver? No worries! Going alcohol-free is on the rise and you still deserve to have something a bit better than the standard fizzy drinks. From easy-drinking gluten free or alcohol-free craft beers and IPAs or even wines and spirits to celebrate in (sober) style, Dry Drinker are offering Defence Discount Service members 12% off when you shop online.