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Last week, we gave you our top recommendations on how you can feed your family and stay hydrated for less, but sometimes it helps to have a little bit of extra assistance to meet your body’s needs. 

While most of us should get all the nutrients we need through eating a balanced diet, it is common for many of us in the UK to be slightly low in some key areas.  

Vitamin D – It can be easy to stay on top of your vitamin D levels during the sunny summer months, but it’s much harder during a cold and dark winter. It’s recommended to have 10 micrograms a day to stay feeling your best so finding a good supplement to top you up is important. 

Iron - Important for making red blood cells, low iron levels can make you feel tired and sluggish. You can absorb iron in red meat as well as beans, nuts, and fortified cereals but - as men need 8.7mg a day and women a whopping 14.8mg a day - supplements can occasionally be necessary. 

Calcium – While it’s widely known that this mineral keeps our teeth and bones healthy, did you know that it also helps regulate muscle contractions? Good sources of calcium include dairy products, leafy greens, and some types of small fish but you should be consuming approximately 700mg a day (up to a maximum of 1,500mg a day). 

Vitamin C – This vitamin protects and helps maintain the cells in your body, and a lack of vitamin C can lead to scurvy. So, if you aren’t regularly eating your 5-a-day (or struggle to absorb it from your diet), you should consider taking 40mg every day to stay feeling fit and healthy. 

Some vitamins and minerals can be absorbed on an empty stomach while combination multivitamins may often need a dietary fat to be absorbed properly. That’s why it’s often best to take a multivitamin alongside, or after, a meal or snack. 

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*All recommended values based on figures outlined on