Treat your furry friends...>

Treat your furry friends...

Though there’s no doubt that the restrictions of 2020 have been tough on us all, the pressures on our frontline services have made it even harder on our members. Our fluffy and feathered friends, however, are not only an important part of our families, but are great for our health and can help build that sense of community.

That’s why we’re here to help you treat your four-legged friend (and all your other furry companions) to the best discounts we have on offer.

It’s a dog’s life

Do you have an excitable pup, a scraggly pooch or a loveable old hound? Either way, we know you want to give the ‘good boys’ (and girls!) in your life the best that money can buy, so we’ve listed some of our favourite offers to help you do so for less.

- Pooch & Mutt – 36% off your order

- Poole Raw Pet Food – Save 5% off online 

- – 80% off your 1st order

- Feedmark – 25% off canine and equine supplements

Feline fine

Do your cats claw the furniture or tear about the house regardless of the furniture (or people!) they might knock over? It could be they’re bored and need a little extra stimulation to stay enriched and entertained.

Keep your furry friend amused for hours with super savings on teasers, toys, trees and treats for cats and kittens of all ages! 

- Purr & Miaow – 25% off

- Cat Tree UK – 10% off all products

For creatures great and small

Smile and save on a fantastic range of innovative products from modern hamster housing, secure outdoor runs for rabbits and iconic chicken coops for all your feathered friends with 10% off all orders from Omlet.