Our guide to healthy eating>

Our guide to healthy eating

As the nights draw in and summer starts to seem like a distant memory, we know that the next few months might feel strange, tense and worrying for many of us.

That’s why we’re launching our ‘Live Life Well’ campaign this October, to help support you during this time.

Each week throughout October, we’ll be bringing you a selection of deals and offers designed to put a smile on your face. 

Though it might feel hard to stay positive at times, it’s really important to prioritise your wellbeing. This could be keeping fit and exercising, eating good, healthy food, or learning a new way to relax and unwind. 

This week, we’re thinking about Healthy Eating. 

It might seem much easier to binge on sweet treats at this time of year, especially when it’s Trick or Treat season - but getting a varied, balanced diet with all of the nutrients you need is a really important part of maintaining your wellbeing. 

We’ve all heard the five-a-day message, which is a good benchmark to aim for if you’re not used to eating lots of fruit and vegetables - but a varied diet means much more than that!

The British Heart Foundation also recommends making sure you drink plenty (at least six glasses of water a day) and remember your wholegrains (think wholemeal bread, brown rice, oats and grains such as bulgar wheat or pearl barley).

One piece of advice we love is to try to eat together, as a family. This can be tricky especially if you work shifts, but sitting down together with your loved ones once a day to focus on your food, it can help with motivation and bring you closer together.

Here are some of our great deals which we hope will help with Healthy Eating Week:

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Tom Dalby, CEO and co-founder of Defence Discount Service said:

“The past six months have been unprecedented, and as a community our Defence Discount Service members have worked incredibly hard to keep us safe. 

“We don’t know how long it will be until we can get back to some sense of normality, but in the meantime, I’m pleased we can help in some small way to keep our members smiling.”

Keep a look out throughout October as we reveal more discounts each week to help you Live, Life Well!