Discounts on fitness fashion>

Discounts on fitness fashion

Each week throughout October, we’ll be bringing you a selection of deals and offers designed to put a smile on your face. 

Though it might feel hard to stay positive at times, it’s really important to prioritise your wellbeing. This could be keeping fit and exercising, eating good, healthy food, or learning a new way to relax and unwind. 

This week, we’re thinking about what to wear when you’re exercising.

Whether you work out to feel more confident, stronger or because it just makes you feel good - what you wear when you’re exercising can help you focus on your effort.

Wearing exercise clothes which fit well, support your body and reduce any discomfort is really important. Whether it’s technical fabrics which absorb sweat, warmer underclothes to keep you cosy on an autumnal jog, or a good sports bra to prevent aches and pains - exercise clothes don’t have to break the bank but they are worth considering. 

Here are some of our great deals which we hope will help you take a fresh look at your exercise wardrobe:

• Reebok – save 35%

• Gymshark – save 10%

• JD Sports – save 10%

• GO Outdoors – save 15%

Keep your eyes peeled as more offers are published next week to help you Live Life Well.