New survey reveals veterans lack recognition>

New survey reveals veterans lack recognition

Did you know that nearly 75% of veterans feel they are not sufficiently recognised or rewarded by society?

Backed by Falklands War veteran, Simon Weston CBE, we can exclusively reveal these survey results following in-depth research of over 11,500 veterans from across the Armed Forces.

Despite sacrificing key family events while serving, such as Christmas, anniversaries, weddings, funerals and even the birth of their children, veterans believe more should be done to recognise their service to our country.

Forces life is unique

Joining the military is a life-defining decision and one not to be made lightly, with those choosing the career often having to accept that it will have an impact on them and their families.

In the survey, 40% of veterans said they had missed a significant number of key life events but, despite this, over a third of respondents still stated they were proud to serve their country – despite how difficult it was being away from loved ones.

Over a third (37%) of veterans also agreed that now they have left the military, spending time with family is helping to make up for lost time. Half said that they are closer to their grandchildren than their children as they are able to spend more time with them.

Falklands War veteran speaks out

Throwing his support behind the research, Simon Weston CBE, knows first-hand the family impact of military service, having grown up with parents in the Royal Air Force and serving with the Welsh Guards during the Falklands War.

Simon said: “I’m immensely proud to have served for my country. But it undoubtedly came with many sacrifices.

“When I spend time with my children and grandchildren today, I can’t help but reflect on family times lost through the years, but it means that I appreciate the time we have together now, even more.

“It’s so important that our veterans are recognised, acknowledged and supported with their integration back to civilian and family life, because I know how difficult it can be.” 

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Research was conducted by Defence Discount Service between 12-13 February 2024 and results were taken from a pool of 11,500 veterans in the UK.