Top things Brits forget to bring on holiday>

Top things Brits forget to bring on holiday

It’s the start of summer and things are heating up! We know how much many of you may be looking forward to a well-deserved holiday

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Whether it’s a boozy weekend away with your mates or a week (or longer) flopping by the pool with your family, somehow enjoying the hot weather always feels that little bit better when you’re away from home. That said, many of us have experienced the frustration of arriving at a hotel, BnB or campsite only to discover you’ve forgotten something important!

Last year, a study of 2000 people by M&S Bank established that the top twenty most common items Brits forget to take on holiday are:

1. Toiletries

2. Phone charger

3. Travel adaptor

4. Sunglasses

5. Sun cream

6. General clothing

7. Headphones

8. Swimwear

9. Shoes

10. Underwear

11. Prescription medicine

12. Make-up

13. Prescription glasses

14. Books/e-reader

15. Guidebooks

16. Bank card

17. Passport

18. Travel insurance

19. Maps

20. Foreign currency

Most things you can of course buy whilst on holiday however why spend more than you have to? Get prepped and plan ahead with Defence Discount Service.

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