Our partnership with Veterans' Gateway

With a host of organisations supporting the Armed Forces community, finding the right one can take some navigating. Veterans' Gateway makes it quick and easy find the right support, no matter where you are or what you need.

Our partnership with Veterans' Gateway exclusively offers veterans a free Defence Privilege Card - usually sold for £4.99.

What is the Veterans' Gateway?

Veterans' Gateway is made up of a consortium of Armed Forces charities including The Royal British Legion, Poppyscotland, SSAFA – the Armed Forces charity and service provider, Connect Assist. Funding from the Covenant Fund has made this service possible.

What is Defence Discount Service and the Defence Privilege Card?

Defence Discount Service is the official Ministry of Defence discount service for the UK's Armed Forces and Veterans. Members can save both online and on the high street and save £100's if not £1000's per year. The Defence Privilege Card is the official vetted discount card and allows members to save on the high street with their personalised discount card that can be shown in shops, restaurants and venues. On the rear of the card are various support websites and telephone numbers available to those who have served past and present.

How do I get my free Defence Privilege Card?

There are a limited number of Defence Privilege Cards available through this partnership.

In order to start the process please follow the below process. Please note that you will need to be a HM Armed Forces Veteran or a member of the Armed Forces that is transitioning out of the Armed Forces.

  1. Enter the password that is provided by Veteran's Gateway below
  2. Follow the step by step process. There is a process for if you are already a member and do not have a Defence Privilege Card or if you are not a member of the service already and need to sign up.
  3. You will be asked to upload a piece of service specific ID, to show that you are in the process of transitioning or that you are a HM Armed Forces Veteran.
  4. We will process your account and ID. If there are any issues with your ID we will email you. If not the card will be printed, your account acitivated and you can log in to the website or free mobile app. You will receive your card in the post within 14 days but usually withing 3-5 days.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a Defence Privilege Card already then you will not be eligible to get a free card. The process must be completed from this page and not any other page on the Defence Discount Service website or the mobile app.